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Changing the future  from Small Driving Habits and Behavior

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Utilization of Traffic Information

Loading a right proper

  • Empty the trunk and fill up the fuel by half

Weight is the greatest reason of poor fuel efficiency
while driving in downtown

  • Unload unnecessary cargo, Fill fuel up to a half of maximum capacity

Fuel efficiency decreases in proportional to weight

  • 130Kg of weight increase cause 3.8% decrement of fuel efficiency (measured on small vehicles)

50Km Run with 10Kg of additional weight costs 50cc of more fuel

15,000Km Run with 10Kg of additional weights waste 15L of Fuel, valued 24,000 Won (1,600 Won per 1 L)

Eco Drive in Life

Keep in good shape Organize surrounding

  • 1. Utilization of Traffic Information
  • 2. Warming up the engine to a minimum
  • 3. Start driving smoothly
  • 4. Utilization of Inertia Driving
  • 5. Keeping of regulated speed
  • 6. Observance of economic speed
  • 7. Minimizing Idling Operation
  • 8. Loading a right proper
  • 9. Checking Tire Pressure
  • 10. Efficient use of Air Conditioner
  • 11. Checking the consumables frequently