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Changing the future  from Small Driving Habits and Behavior

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Utilization of Traffic Information

Start Driving Smoothly

  • The fuel consumption becomes zero when detaching the foot from the accelerator pedal when driving the downhill

Check front, recognize deceleration, pause of vehicles ahead step out of acceleration pedal and use inertia

Same act when pausing at crossroad

Use engine brake on a downhill, step out of acceleration pedal

Inertial Driving enables Fuel Cut Off

  • Stepping out of Acceleration pedal when rpm is over 1500

Eco Drive in Life

Choice for sustainable society love, serve, Give and share for a rich life

  • 1. Utilization of Traffic Information
  • 2. Warming up the engine to a minimum
  • 3. Start driving smoothly
  • 4. Utilization of Inertia Driving
  • 5. Keeping of regulated speed
  • 6. Observance of economic speed
  • 7. Minimizing Idling Operation
  • 8. Loading a right proper
  • 9. Checking Tire Pressure
  • 10. Efficient use of Air Conditioner
  • 11. Checking the consumables frequently