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Changing the future  from Small Driving Habits and Behavior

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Utilization of Traffic Information

Start Driving Smoothly

  • Driving should be at speed of 20km/h or 1,500rpm
    in 5 seconds after start

Count to 5 after departure, while accelerate to 20
kph, 1500 rpm. After that, accelerate smoothly

  • depart slowly as depart on the snow, and pedal smoothly as step
    on a tofu

Eco Drive in Life

Well begun is half done, First Step, Act accordingly to own age Escalate slowly,,, Restrain Overdrinking, Overeating, Greed

  • 1. Utilization of Traffic Information
  • 2. Warming up the engine to a minimum
  • 3. Start driving smoothly
  • 4. Utilization of Inertia Driving
  • 5. Keeping of regulated speed
  • 6. Observance of economic speed
  • 7. Minimizing Idling Operation
  • 8. Loading a right proper
  • 9. Checking Tire Pressure
  • 10. Efficient use of Air Conditioner
  • 11. Checking the consumables frequently